21 Day Transformations
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The 21 Days for 21 Dollars
"yoga on the mat practice time"

We want you to fall in love with us and we want to fall in love with you. When you are new to anything it takes time until you feel comfortable. The 21 day pass is a three week pass to allow you to take as many classes as you like. You can come twice or you can come twice a day for three weeks. It is up to you. It is hard to see how great yoga can be from just one class, it is impossible to meet all our teachers in one class, and even harder to meet our sweet community. So hang out with us for 21 days and I promise after 21 days you will transform your life into a new habit! To register for this special, just arrive a few minutes before your first class and we will get your journey started.

The 21 Day Journey
A Community Program
May 2nd, 5th, 12th, 19th   6:30pm  $85
A program that merges seamlessly into a sustained lifestyle. 

We all know the importance of cleaning our homes, our cars, even our closets. Well our minds, bodies and souls need cleansing as well. Life is filled with acts of "doing" and acts of "non-doing". Problems fall when our "doing" is unproductive, loud with stress, full of self destructive habits or leads to feeling exhausted. So how do we fill our days with moments of centered "doing"? We surround ourselves with others desiring a life that is more purposeful, we create days filled with purposeful moments - we awaken ourselves to becoming more engaged to our decisions.  We learn about our own personal disposition, capability and personality components (we are all so very different), we learn what we are meant to do instead of what we think we should be doing, we learn how to row with the waves instead of against them. When we commit to creating days, weeks, even just 21 days to a life anchored upon simple, quiet and peaceful productive "doing" moments that match who we are we begin to shift our way of existence into a calmer and more purposeful way of being. From our first meeting, we will learn who each of us truly are, we will develop a personal commitment with ourselves with  meditation times,  we will discuss how to remove energy drainers, and a create a quieter moment in our day to day life to receive each lesson.  Each person will decide for themselves what they need to withdrawal from temporarily and what they need to add. We are not desiring to create schedules that promote "failing" - so we will be realistic, yet at the same time honest with ourselves. Some of us need to eliminate excess alcohol or electronics (facebook/netflix), or take a break from the loudness of their career or a difficult relationship, while others need to add healthier foods or eliminate excessive worry, gossip or mindless spending. Your plan will be specialized to meet you!  And more exciting....every 21 Day Journey offered has a different theme/focus.  So you can be a part of every journey offered!

Your leader on the 21 Day Journey, Allison, will be there with you everyday via text and email.  You will have three meetings to receive the deeper lessons and feel the soft breath of hope and inspiration.  If you need personal one on one time with her on the journey - you will have to ability to do just that!  To read more about Allison, check out the Life Coaching Tab.

Join our journey and dramatic shifts in your life will happen!

Cost is $85, and Program Includes:

21 Days of Meditation Workbook And Meditation Handbook

A 21 Day workbook is provided to guide participants with a daily meditation, space for reflection and activities to increase mindful engagement to their thoughts during the journey. In addition, daily texts and daily lessons are received to provide mini reminders to insert calm and clear mindful moments into their day. Participants will also design their own yoga schedule with a realistic commitment to their desired practice. One student may practice 3 times a week at the studio, while another may desire to practice every day on the journey. You will be engaged in moments of peace everyday!

21 Days of Guided Spiritual Introspection 

Everyday you will receive a powerful introspective lessons to enhance your spiritual progression. Lessons include banishing fears and worries, recognizing energy drainers, replenishing passion and purpose, and how to maintain true contentment in our life. You will learn simply how to be human and embrace being human - with a kinder, more polite and gentler soul.  Everyday we will stay connected to higher thinking - instead of low thoughts or heavy wants, fears or anxious ways. After 21 days you will feel proud of who you are and see things with a bit more clarity.

3 Spiritual Dharma Talks

The dharma talks, led by Allison Lindquist, demystify the deeper ancient lessons. Teachings will focus upon how to live wholehearted, with an awakened intuition and an understanding on how to find and maintain alignment with a higher self. But more basic - you will learn to simplify yourself, your life, your emotions, your fears.  You learn to live a bit more freer!

You will learn about your Dosha (personal personality/body type), your dharma (your capabilities and chosen purpose for the world) and your disposition.  You will learn how to practice mindful living.  And how to stay connected to your spiritual self.  You will learn how to witness your emotions, but more importantly how to LIVE A SIMPLE BASIC AND QUIET LIFE.   In addition, meetings often times include powerful guided meditations designed to loosen the debris held in our emotions, bodies or minds, as well as pour calm and pure energy back into our soul. Meditation can open the door to healing and self-acceptance. Other times the meetings help you understand the principles of the asanas on the mat and the principles of life off the mat.  You will become a bit more enlightenment, a bit more wise and a bit more connected to a higher source.  EVERY JOURNEY is DIFFERENT and on every journey you will amazing!

This Pilgrimage includes daily contact with the group creating the synergy, motivation, support and the structure needed in any joyous travel towards a destination of a better life.

Check back for upcoming dates!

21 Day Personalized Journey

Sometimes we need it to be just about ourselves and to know that is simply O.K!

On a personalized journey you will meet with Allison for six personalized appointments, meeting twice a week or two hours in one day.  To learn more about Allison - turn to the life coaching tab!

First Appointment:  You will talk about where you are, what is going on, what you need help with and what you want to solve, and who you want to be.  This is your time to let your emotions fall out and your voice to be heard.  

Second Appointment:  You will learn all about yourself.  You will take time to complete your personality test, using ancient assessments, learn what qualities you need to embrace and what qualities you may need to no longer cultivate.  You will learn if you are an educator, a warrior, a merchant or even an outsider.  You will have some amazing AHA moments - that will explain a whole lot about why you feel the way you do! 

Third Appointment:  You will experience a deep healing meditation that will dislodge old unattended wounds and bring light and breath back to the soul.  You will dip into the unconscious mind and heal the worries and the fears.  You will feel refreshed, cleansed and free. 

Fourth Appointment:  You will finally learn how your body works, the principles of yoga and how to fully practice the asanas with all their benefits.  You will learn how to breathe, how to move and how the muscles works.  Once you return to your mat, every movement will simply make sense. Anatomy is quite basic - we just need time to feel it for ourselves.

Fifth Appointment:  What is spirituality?  How can I develop a deeper connection?  Learn about the scriptures, the texts and how to cultivate a meditation practice and feel at more ease with the "yoga" jargon or the spirituality words.  This is your time to be with the teacher and ask all the questions you need the answers too.

Last Appointment:  You decide in this appointment what you need more of!  What would you like to know more about, what do you need to review, what do you need to feel that this time provided you the transformation you were in search of.  Remember - this is all about you!

In addition, you will receive daily emails to stay connected to your teacher.  You will have a mentor, a teacher, a person who cares deeply for you.  You will have the right support you probably have always desired and finally given yourself the opportunity to receive.

Cost $525.00