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The seeds of knowledge we receive in yoga foster and grow into what we believe, how we react and who we become. Plant your seeds today.


Our yoga school, The Yatra Center, is very unique in its approach. Unlike many programs where you must commit yourself to an entire month/year or follow a rigid attendance contract, we allow the student to control their own schedule – their own personal yoga desires! Imagine that! We do not require you to pay thousands of dollars up front or even commit to becoming a teacher. We want you to have the ability to dictate your own pace, your own schedule, your own “yoga”. Not everyone wants to teach, but most want more wisdom, more understanding of this ancient way of life. Our yoga school houses both a 200 and 300 Level Yoga Alliance approved certified programs, however if you desire to just simply be in a yoga school and take classes for personal growth, you have the ability to do just that.


The 200 Level curriculum is composed of 10 blocks (200 hours) and the 300 Level program consists of 15 blocks (300 hours). Each block is 20 hours (Friday night 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 8-5pm) and is offered once a month. If you desire to become eligible for Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification, you must meet the Yoga Alliance standards by completing all 10 blocks (or in our 10 day immersions) offered in the 200 hour curriculum. Our advanced 300 program allows you to become a 500 hour Certified Yoga instructor. If you desire to become eligible for Yoga Alliance 300 hour certification (equaling 500 hours), you must meet the Yoga Alliance standards by completing all 10 blocks offered in the 200 hour curriculum, as well as all 15 blocks offered in the 300 hour curriculum.    


You choose from two payment tracks: Pay for each block individually ($300) or secure up-front payment for the entire 200 or 300RYT program as a committed track student (receiving a significant discount). 

Every month we offer 2 weekend blocks staying in order with the curriculum (one from the 200 track and one from the 300 track). However, you determine the pace of your program by attending every month in order or stretching the time frame to meet your needs; or even just attending the months that are of interest to you. We believe going to school should foster the passion of learning, not meeting difficult expectations; and we also want you to be able to navigate your yoga to meet your needs – not a universal standard. 


What are you waiting for? It is time to learn!

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