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Natural Pathways to Wellness


Jeannie Taylor

Jeannie Taylor is a Chopra Certified Health & Well-Being Coach, Ayurveda and Meditation Instructor. Her approach is to help you find balance in both physical and mental well being. She meets with you to discover your inner wisdom and ways to restore balance.

Scheduling a Life-Coaching Session with Jeannie:

Appointments are offered through Zoom or in person. Your first Life-Coaching meeting is always free! Let me know if you would like to connect!  



My Story

My yoga journey began when I was a freshman in college.  I remember the feeling I had during my first class and especially in Savasana.  The stress relief and release was so apparent to me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to realize what a difference this could make in my day to day life until much later! I began practicing consistently in 2012 and quickly decided to make yoga my #1 workout choice. I had already tried every other workout regimen imaginable and after knee surgery realized Yoga was what my body and mind needed!   

Spiritual Growth took a little longer. I started Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, but under some extreme life stress decided to stop mid-way through, not realizing that's what I needed the most.  Finally in 2017, I was able to dedicate the time and effort to complete my 200 training here at 90 Degrees with Allison Cross. At the time, I just wanted to dive deeper into Yoga and the philosophy behind this beautiful practice on and off the mat. However, as my experience of training in yoga unfolded, I quickly decided I wanted to teach and have been teaching at 90 Degrees ever since! During Covid, I added RYT 300 and then had the opportunity to purchase this beautiful studio in the summer of 2022.  

After the sell of my previous business in 2021, I wanted to dive even deeper and began my training through the Chopra Center. I became a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Health & Well Being Life-Coach. The training I received through Chopra was an amazing experience with more information and growth than I could've ever imagined. Today, I'm much calmer, stronger and more balanced. I would love the opportunity to share these wonderful practices with you!  

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