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Kathy Garvin

RYT 500



Kathy has been practicing yoga since 2012, when she had reconstructive ankle surgery and opted for a routine, gentle practice over traditional physical therapy. She experienced such a dramatic improvement in her flexibility, strength and stability that she committed herself fully to an asana practice. As her mind, body and spirit stepped into the rhythm of a dedicated practice, unprocessed emotions, unwanted patterns and distorted perceptions had space to rise up, unravel and eventually fall away—leaving room for connection and clarity.


After more than 10 years of dedicated practice, Kathy received her RYT 200 at The Yatra Center in Greenville, SC. Kathy completed her RYT 500 in 2024, studying under Michelle Young through the My Vinyasa Practice yoga studio in Austin, TX. Since becoming a teacher, Kathy loves leading her students in a strength-building, balance-focused, mindful practice that connects breath to movement. Her classes are designed to clear the mind, open the heart and allow students space to explore their vast inner landscape.

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