Meet Dates May 2nd, 5th, 12th, 19th 6":30pm

$85 Includes Book

Join Guru Alli Lindquist Cross, Author of Yatra The Journey, on an inner pilgrimage. The 21 day Yatra path is a comprehensive journey that will seamlessly merge into your everyday life, where the benefits sustain beyond the program.  You will acknowledge your dietary choices, examine and commit to a healthier “on the mat” yoga practice, create a simple and nourishing meditation practice and uncover your environmental and mental habits. This is not a diet plan, a “let’s get in shape” program or even a typical self-help seminar conforming you to a “one plan fits all”. This is about self-discovery. You will not only be aware of how you feel when you eat, when you meditate, but also aware at how you feel during the day, and more importantly in your life. You will learn how to remove “energy drainers” from your day (including habits, patterns, relationships, thoughts), as well as learn how to reclaim passion, contentment and peace.  Daily contact with Alli along the way!


What are you waiting for?    * In Person and Virtual Options


June 6th  6:30pm  


Join us for a daily guided meditation, sent via zoom that will ease your anxieties, quiet the excess chatter and soak your mind in hope and beauty. Never underestimate the power of meditation! Your brain needs a break! And once the brain is massaged into calmness, your being will follow. Each month, the meditation will focus on a specific intention,  When practiced for 21 days straight, beautiful intentions blossom.  Each new month, we meet on the first Sunday 6:00pm to anchor our intention, and then 21 days of meditations will begin.  $21

Greenville Studio

115 Pelham Road #10-11

Greenville, SC 29615



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