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Blake Valentine

RYT 200



As a teacher Blake holds space for others to discover the support and resources available through their own personal yoga practice. He specializes in Yin style yoga teaching; leading a mindfully slower movement yoga class that offers deeply grounded poses to relax and melt into for extended periods of time. In his classes you will find your body and mind relaxed, large muscle groups lengthened and physical tensions released. 


Blake has been practicing yoga since 2013. Having a background in both ballet and modern dance, he started his yoga journey right here at 90 Degrees. Initially he came to the studio only seeking the physical benefits of the practice, but he ended up receiving so much more! Even after stepping away from his dance career, he continued his yoga practice at 90 Degrees. For nearly a decade, Blake has considered our studio his refuge and has leaned on our community through some of his darkest times.


 Currently, Blake is ambitiously working toward a career in medicine and mental health to help others on their own journey to healing!

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