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90 Degrees Yoga Greenville & Anderson SC, Hot Yoga SC, 21 Days for $21, A Healing Place

We are here to make you feel at home!

90 Degrees Yoga Greenville & Anderson SC, Hot Yoga SC, 21 Days for $21


Frequently Asked Questions  

Below is a helpful Q & A to make your visit to 90 Degrees Yoga amazing! 

Need an answer for a question not listed?  We would love to talk to you!


New to yoga or new to 90 Degrees? Start here!

New Student? Lucky you - 30 Days for $30 Special!

The 30 Days for $30 Class Package is ONLY AVAILABLE to brand new student to our studio the FIRST TIME they come for a class. So, don't forget to ask the teacher to sign you up for this one time special offer the first time you walk in for a class as a new student OR make sure you purchase the 30 Days for $30 Class Package on the Mindbody app BEFORE you take your first class at the studio. In these 30 days you’ll create a dramatic and positive change not just in your body, but your mind, your perceptions...your life.


What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga classes include a sequence of postures in a 90+ degrees heated room. Our Hot Class are designed to warm and elongate muscles, ligaments and tendons in a natural and healthy progressive order, as well as build muscle tone. The elevated room temperature promotes detoxification, increases weight loss, relieves tension, eliminates fat around cells, and helps prevent injury. The flow includes both static postures held for a prescribed duration as well as a dynamic breath coordinated component encouraging body strength, increase of breath flow, and cardiovascular expansion. 

If you would like to try more lightly heated classes, we suggest you try either our Warm Yoga classes or our Yin & Meditation classes! Both of these classes are offered throughout the week. and can be found at the " Class Schedule" tab on our webpage menu.


Where do I begin?

Yoga is for EVERYBODY! You don't need strength, flexibility, or spirituality to practice yoga. You just need to arrive with an open mind. Just come as you! All classes are suitable for beginners. Each student practices at their own ability. Our classes not only transform and detoxify your body, but also help reshape your mind. You will leave each class feeling renewed and strengthened both mentally and physically. Over time, as you continue to show up for your classes, you will feel a developing sense of confidence and balance in your heart and also in your life off the mat. We are committed to bringing the healing of yoga beyond the body and into your life! The experience is hard to describe, but the smiles leaving the class say it all!


Everyone Has a First Class!

Show up to the studio about 15 minutes prior to class time to fill out a waiver and pay for class if you haven't already done so on the Mindbody App. There is no need to sign up for class online unless you want to. Bring a mat, towel, and water. If you do not have a mat we have them for rental or purchase. Leave your cell phone and worries at the cubbies in our common area, take class at your own pace, and just enjoy!


Questions about your practice?


Hydrate, Practice, Hydrate, Love!

In hot yoga you sweat!! You sweat out toxins but you also sweat out things the body needs, such as electrolytes. It's important to come to class hydrated. If you come to class dehydrated you will find that throughout your practice you may become tired, dizzy, or light headed. Drink plenty of water before and after you practice. Also, it helps to eat your water - fruits and veggies. At the studio we sell water to help you hydrate after your yoga practice!


What if I am not Flexible?

You do not need to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga is about opening up the body and the mind. As you let go of tension, drop the need for a pose to look a certain way. Just breathe and over time you will create more flexibility and range of motion.


Can I Practice if I am Pregnant?

ALWAYS check with your OBGYN and get their approval before you begin any yoga practice. It is helpful to have a strong yoga practice before becoming pregnant, as starting a new exercise is not recommended.

90 Degrees Yoga Greenville & Anderson SC, Hot Yoga SC, 21 Days for $21
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